Welcome to the Inspired in Life Blog.  Here you will find additional comment and information to expand on specific events with feedback and comments.  You can also visit the Inspired in Life website for up-to-date class and events.


Everything starts with a thought

All of our life, all areas and aspects and all our experiences of our lives are created by our thoughts. Our health, feelings, relationships, jobs, and our experience of these, whether good or bad, are dependant on our thoughts. What is in our mind is in our body and vice versa, so how we act and how we feel and how we think are all linked, affect one and you affect all three.

Thoughts can be changed, and therefore our feelings and our life and our experience of life can be changed too. We can learn and find out who we really are, what we really want and what we really want to do, and create a life that reflects this, which is liberating and exciting.

I have integrated different methods that I have studied and practiced to create “Inspired in Life techniques” that work on mind, body and soul and to help you  become Inspired in Life.

When someone experiences increased mental energy and creativity that person is said to be INSPIRED. Be that person, with the mental energy and creativity to create the thoughts, feelings, actions, habits and destiny that you want NOW.


Feel inspired be inspired and be the best you can be……

My aim at Inspired in Life is to help you live consciously, free of, struggle, fear, phobias, anxiety, illness in a life full of happiness, joy, peace, love, fun and laughter the easy and quick way.

You can choose to transform your life today!

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