Emotional freedom therapy (frequently called “tapping”) is a very quick and easy way to heal, release phobias, emotion pain, trauma, habits from the body and create new positive beliefs.

"Better is light a candle than to curse the darkness" - Chinese Proverb

Mind and body are part of one whole. What is in the body is in the mind as the two are ultimately linked.  By thinking of your craving, phobia or pain and tapping it resets your mind’s computer to bypass or release it.

Whatever affects the mind will affect the body and vice versa.  According to ancient Indian science we have five bodies, the spiritual body, an energy body, an emotional body, a mental body and a physical body. The energy body is the most sensitive of all because every single cell of our being (and everything in the universe) is made up of energy or Prana. Any kind of disturbance from any areas of these bodies e.g. the mental body will affect the energy body which will show imbalance of the energy body.

Ayurveda which is the ancient and oldest recorded medical science describes an energy body as a network of thousands of “channels” which energy also known as Prana flows. The channels of which the energy flows are called Nadis. Nadis, like nerves and tendons are not visible to the naked eye they are subtle energy lines running thorough the entire body.   According to Ayuvedic science we hold 72000 Nadis in our body and they all end in our feet. This medical science tells us that within this network are a number of points that are highly sensitive, which can be stimulated to regulate the flow of energy and thus create balance harmony and health on all levels.

The whole entire process of EFT is so powerful that it can help anyone achieve freedom from emotions and feelings that creates a problem in their lives.  By doing this you will re-establish the energy flow through the meridians causing calmness harmony and balance through the body.

Energy flow can be balanced in ways such as acupuncture massage and tapping key points.

Tapping releases the stress and tension from the mind and body allowing us to conquer our phobias feelings and emotions. Tapping consists of literally tapping on key points of the body until you are relieved or ready to move on. Whilst each energy meridian relates to a specific organ or part of the body, in EFT we do not need to be aware of this, as we simply tap on all the points since there are so few.

EFT is in the media and has only been the last few decades that the energy systems and the resultant energy have been recognised. EFT is prominently featuring on live main stream TV shows in the UK such a Richard and Judy and Paul McKenna.

The common belief is that-a negative emotion is a direct result of a traumatic or negative experience or belief i.e. all negative emotions manifest and in a simple cause- effect way. However Gary Craig offers a different viewpoint based on the ancient beliefs of Meridian Therapies. He called it “THE DISCOVERY STATEMENT” – “THE CAUSE OF ALL NEGATIVE EMOTIONS IS A DISRUPTION IN THE BODY’S ENERGY SYSTEM”.  A distressing memory or thought causes a disruption or short circuit IN the energy body which turns into a negative emotion which can be expressed physically, mentally, or emotionally.

EFT works by finding the negative emotion or trigger that causes a negative emotion causing that lead to energy body to be disrupted or short circuited.

Roger Callahan put forward the idea by tapping on meridian or energy points to eliminate this disruption at the energy level the problem will no longer exist.

Gary Craig further developed this and by tapping on all 14 points which takes less than 2 mins long standing phobias, negative emotions disappeared within minutes.


Pain relief | Anger | Fears | Addictions | Weight loss | Respiratory problems | Blood pressure | Anxiety | Trauma | Depression | Phobias |
And much more!

I use EFT with NLP and Hypnosis to create powerful changes.
Once you learn the technique you can easily apply to yourself.

For more information or an appointment please contact me

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” Albert Einstein

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