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Jeni Campbell

Hello and welcome

My name is Jeni and I am the founder of Inspired in Life.  Let me tell you a bit about myself…….

I grew up in London and moved to Kent at the age of 14.  I attended Invicta Girls Grammar school in Maidstone, Kent and when I left school, I went to college to study hairdressing and beauty therapy.

One day when I was attending my friend’s aerobic class, she told me that she was leaving and offered me the opportunity to run the class.  So I decided that I would train in fitness.  I moved back to London and taught and worked in some of the biggest and busiest sports clubs in the City, West End and Canary Wharf, continuing with my training and learning more all the time.

After having my first child, I moved back to the Kent countryside and started to teach again in Larkfield Leisure Centre.  At the time they were looking for a yoga teacher and I was fortunate that they sent me on a Yoga course.  When I agreed, I was not that excited.  I was thinking Yoga was not really for me.   I was used to jumping around to loud fast music! I can remember saying things like “ Oh I can’t sit around, that’s too easy, I’m not flexible enough”, but after a very short space of time, I began to learn and understand it was the best way I have ever worked my body.  Yes, it was tough but it felt so good. The course was just a weekend course in which time I learned a lot.  Much to my surprise by the end of the weekend I had started to really enjoy and like Yoga and how it made me feel.

Excited and encouraged by what I had discovered about Yoga on the course, I started to read as many books as I could, practice in my own time and again wanted to learn and understand more about what I was teaching.  I attended many, many workshops and began to realise where my passion lay and what I wanted to do.  I enrolled in 2 year course not really knowing what i was letting myself in for.

I had not realised that Yoga is a way of life, a science and a great philosophy. I went on a massive journey as I trained to be a Yoga teacher. Yoga is an internal study of yourself and wellbeing, and I certainly did that.  At times it was a great challenge, both for my body and my mind, but having done nearly every kind of fitness training there was at the time, Yoga was (and is) by far the best I have ever done …. and it’s fun and rewarding too. Yoga is universal and accepting, it can be enjoyed and benefited by anyone, any age and any ability.

But it was also the way Yoga worked my mind body and soul which made me feel better than ever. SuddenlyI was in charge of my thoughts which create my health, life and my future. (I had some very challenging times in my life at this point but with my Yoga practices including relaxation, meditation, pranyama NLP, and hypnosis I was able to take responsibility for my feelings, actions and my life and create a positive outcome).

Yoga has totally changed my whole life. The way I look, think and experience my life and wellbeing.  The way I treat myself and others, every thing has changed for the better. Yoga is a science not an exercise and can benefit all areas of YOUR mind and body and life if you let it.  Your mind and body are linked and when you affect one you affect the other.  Life starts to become  much more calm and serene.

I was very fortunate to do some of my training with a remarkable teacher and person called Sharon Buss.  Sharon is an Iyengar teacher so my teaching style is similar although I have done many courses and retreats since and have developed my own style of teaching.  I have also trained in pregnancy and yoga for kids.

My love of yoga grew and grew (and still continues to) and I became very aware of how powerful the mind is and how the way we look and feel about things is the experience in life that we get.  A lot of the time, without knowing,  there are many of us, me included, who live with feelings and habits that no longer serve us.  Understanding this led me to train in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Hypnosis as a master practitioner.  I trained with Richard Bandler who is the co-creator of NLP and Paul McKenna who is now very famous with books, DVDs and television programmes. This was another great journey and a most amazing experience. I now know that change for the better can be quick, easy, and long lasting.

I now use NLP in my teaching to enhance my teaching skills, in my relaxation classes so that my students can experience deep relaxation. In my Practices I use hypnosis, NLP, and also EFT and Reiki healing  to help clients bring about quick, easy and lasting change so that they find the easy way to enjoy a life of fun and freedom.

Yoga is now my life and passion. I love teaching so that my students can experience change and an amazing journey for themselves and enjoy the great benefits and vitality, enthusiasm, serenity, confidence, self worth, love happiness and joy.  I continuously train and study in mind and body healing.   I use all of my knowledge and skills in combination to help people to be the best they can be, look the best they can look, and think the best they can think and have the peace of mind to enjoy life to the FULL.

Most of us spend far to much time worrying, feeling bad, angry or blaming other people for our lives , but YOU can NOW learn how to take control of your future , BE who YOU want to be, DO what YOU want to do, and FEEL how YOU want to feel.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Love and Light

Jeni Campell

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