Where do I start?

Well what a journey I have been on in the past few years.  After noticing in my classes that people’s bodies were not moving as they should and I didn’t know why I decided to do some more training. (Nothing new there)  Thought I would learn some new exercises and that would be that, how wrong was I.

I decided to do therapeutic Yoga training, so looking at the body and noticing what it needed.

Was that body tight in the back or tired or wound up? I soon learned this training was amazing there is no protocol for a back back but a program totally unique for that body.  All sounds pretty straight forward expect that firstly I had to unlearn just thinking about oh that exercise uses that muscle because often what we think we are doing we are not.  Often the wrong muscles are doing the wrong jobs muscles that are meant to move the body start trying to stabilise instead and then they can’t do their job of moving the body. People then believe that old age or injury has made them stiff and want to stretch.  In my practice I set about get the right muscles to do the right job unwinding tension and pain, getting the body to function better.

Secondly i realised  it wasn’t all about what I do but more of how I am and how I feel. A big part of my training was awareness, mind study and reflection.  Wow nothing prepared me for the journey of looking into my beliefs, thoughts, actions, feelings which of course are all linked. It’s not always easy to look at yourself much easier to blame someone else or life.  I am very lucky because my hypnosis and Nlp training helped me through as I saw that I had adopted beliefs that at one point served me like wine helps numb emotional pain but then realised I may be numbing it but not changing it   I was able to change many many thought patterns and behaviours.

I continue to do so and now really feel how my life has changed so much for the positive.  The more I practice and change the more I can help support others to do the same.   Often we believe it’s hard to change, how can we feel or see something we never have before. What we do becomes so familiar.

I love to watch people change before my eyes as they start to feel how they never thought they could.

Recently I walked with a friend and she said “oh do you remember I had hip pain for years, it used to wake me up in the night. After some sessions with you it went and it’s never come back, it’s like I never had it”

we often think something’s wrong whether it’s in our body or mind often it’s just faulty programming that you can change. Before you learned to drive you didn’t know you could and now probably you can.  We can all learn new ways that will help us feel better.

Anything we do in life whether it’s drink wine, buy clothes, eat, we do so because we believe it will make us feel good.  With yoga and Nlp / hypnosis and meditation you can just learn to feel better because you can and want to.

What inteach is my life, my passion and I love it x X X


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