Happy New Year

Its nearly that time of year again, busy, stress, fun, eating, drinking, detox and new years resolutions.

Are you still fighting with habits that you have fought for a long time, eating too much, not sleeping, not enough confidence or energy to take you where you want to go or do what you want to do, stiff, aching, painful joints, back, hips or knees, old thought and habits looping time after time?


I have recently done more studying and have yet more tools in my box to help you change this.  I have also studied my own thoughts, habits and movement patterns and so they are all tried and tested.  Things that have been going around in my head and my body, which are of course connected, for years are now starting to change and I feel better and better.


I find it so amazing how the mind and body are so connected.  “The body is a refection of the mind”.  As we tense or worry in the mind the body responds in many ways, the body goes into flight, fight or freeze, when it is repeated so many times it becomes a habit.   We get locked into stress mode and so do our muscles, organs, nervous system, blood pressure etc.  Over time this causes chronic stress, and can lead to disease and much disharmony in the body, muscle and joints too.   Often this get put down to old age, but it does not always have to be like that.



My Yoga therapy will get your muscles and joints relaxed so that they can contract and relax so they get strong, your core will wake up so you gain stability but mobility and movement with ease and improved stamina.


RMT and Somatics

These movements and exercises that I integrate in my yoga will relax the fight, flight and freeze reflexes so that your nervous system, brain pattern messages to your muscles, emotions, senses, feelings are all relaxed and calmed so you feel more relaxed, calmer, yet able to think more clearly and more in control of your feelings and emotions.


Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation and relaxation.


Your habits are stored in your unconscious mind and run automatically, that’s why often you feel down, eat chocolate, drink, feel sluggish even though in your conscious mind ( your thinking mind) you want to stop.  That’s why often when you set a new years resolution you find it hard to stick to it, because habits are deep routed and take a lot of practice to change, except with hypnosis, NLP, havening, meditation and deep relaxation.  As you slip into a state of relaxation I am able to guide you to make changes to those habits in your unconscious mind so you can make quick and easy new habits that serve you better.

You can also create your future so that you reach your goals and fulfil your desires.





Personalised Sessions

The quickest ways to get results Is by 1:2:1 sessions in my fully equipped studio.   You can choose a blend of whatever feels right for you or I can guide you to whatever will help you get to where you want to be quickly.


Happiness and peace through mindfulness and meditation


Many of your habits become from your beliefs, a belief is a thought you continuously, some serve you and some don’t.  EG I am a happy relaxed person, I am fat and find it hard to lose weight.  These beliefs are often unconscious and were implanted in the unconscious mind at a young age.  This course allows you to be mindful and aware of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and habits and so your life.  From this awareness I will give you guidance, support and tools such as meditation, mantra, relaxation, hypnosis and NLP, that will help you to realise what needs to change, and then how to change it so you can feel more peace, happiness and be the real you as you strip back years worth of layers, tension, worry, and habits.  This course will change your life.



Retreats, Workshops, Yoga Mornings & Relaxation evenings


In these I blend my skills, knowledge and expertise to facilitate change on a physical, mental and emotional level.  You will strip back layers, relax very deeply, feel deep inner peace and calm like you never believed you could.

Retreats are a chance to get away from it all, be with like minded people, have fun, feel freedom and enjoy many classes and workshops to change your life.

Relaxation evening are what they say on the tin, very relaxing relieving stress, strain, worry and anxiety.  Because my relaxation uses hypnosis and nlp it changes your brain programming so that the change is very long lasting.

These are for all abilities.

Workshops of different themes from creating your future, letting go of the past, setting goals, and much more.



My classes are very different from “normal” yoga, working to help your body move to release tension, pain, stiffness, by moving in ways that unwind old patterns that create the pain and creating new ones that will improve core stability, stamina, strength, ease, and mobility.   Followed by a meditative relaxation to create inner calm, peace and confidence.


So whether you want to lose weight, sleep better, play with your grandkids with more ease, go to the gym with more vitality and less pain, gain more confidence, get over past trauma’s, get rid or bad memories, or just want to feel more confident, happy, relaxed, mobile, agile, balanced, vibrant and replenished join me and let’s have fun in the new year and create the life you want.


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