Therapeutic Yoga My Journey.




So I knew that I wanted to help people more. I watched as I taught my Yoga classes and could see that people were in pain, their bodies were not in alignment and no matter how much they tried to push their bodies into alignment it just didn’t work.  

I looked at many training courses and then I found what I was looking for and my great journey began.   I didn’t quite realise what a journey I was setting out on.  

I did my initial training and then decided to do the year Certification course which would take me to Canada 3 times in 1 year.  Could I do that with 2 children, and being a single parent? 

But I knew it was where my heart was, to me its not just a job its my life, my purpose. 

It has been one of the toughest things I have done and yet one of the best things I have done. 

I have worked through Yoga philosophy, reflecting each week on my life, my feelings, my habits, my fears, my dreams and so on, I have laughed, I have cried, I have been sooooo amazed. I am now not just reading the books but living it. 

I have learned so much about personalities, people, bodies, and life.

My body has changed, my thoughts and how I am in the world has changed. 

I have learned how to get people out of pain, how to look at someone and see what their body needs, whether that is stability at the hips, tension releasing from their shoulders, support from muscles that will allow the shoulders to release. 

But more than anything I have learned how to be me.  How I have default patterns that send me spinning, angry or happy, but how to be more with all of that and as a result more calm and more being able to just be me. 

Namate x x x 


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