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Benefits of Yoga

Stress is experienced by every one from the moment of birth and continues throughout life. Stress can be caused by numerous things resulting in lots if problems in both our physical and spiritual bodies. Cumulative effects of stress can damage health and undermine emotional stability; stress can strangle the body affecting it in many different ways. It manifests itself in many ways and levels depending on how different people respond to it. Some people become irritable or angry others confused or turbulent emotions and physical ailments are directly connected.

The modern life brings with it the desire for worldly pleasures, but brings this with frustration and conflict with the mind and others. It triggers feeling of competiveness and envy and increased stress. To deal with this people may turn to artificial solutions to cope, substance abuse, eating disorders and destructive relationships are some try for consolation. But these provide only temporary distraction or oblivion, the root cause, unhappiness- stress remained unsolved.

Practicing yoga will help give you the ability to help relieve stress, relax your mind and find inner peace and happiness. The regular practice of asana will help to generate energy in the body stimulating cells and relaxing tensed muscles.
As stress and tension are released from your muscles, diaphragm and nervous system, practising Yoga asanas you will release it from the mind too.
As you learn to control the breath in pranyama the physical body becomes energised and revitalised as the breath sustains the physical body. The breath also affects the mind as the breath becomes slow and deep and calm so does the mind, bringing about tranquillity and serenity in your body mind and life.

You will notice enhanced vitality, reduced stress clearing of the emotional blockages from your heart, awaked joyfulness and enthusiasm for life, healthy belief system through a more flexible nervous system. While practising asana and relaxation in the five senses of perception that divert the mind to the external environment are drawn inward and your mind is stilled, your entire being becomes calm and steady. By relaxing the senses and by turning them inward, the mind can detach from worries and you will learn to respond in a calm and resolving way, rather than reacting in anger, frustration or fear to situations.

When your mind is calm and relaxed, the mind in a meditative state, senses are being controlled and external events cease to cause stress in your life and life becomes much more joyful and calm.

The steady pace and rhythm of breath relaxes the body and detaches the mind from the external world and it worries. This transfers into your daily, life and anger, envy and frustration turn into energy calm and harmony.

In a relaxed state the symptoms of stress such as headaches, fatigue or hypertension are relived. To reduce stress the, mind and body need to be treated together. The tension associated with stress is stored, mainly in the muscles, diaphragm and nervous system. During classes and relaxation these areas are relaxed your stress is reduced. During relaxation the breathing becomes slow, smooth and controlled. Deep relaxation can and will have a profound effect on your nervous system, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. The heart rate is stabilized and lowers blood pressure, the breathing is slower and deeper allowing more oxygen consumption. This oxygen means more oxygen for the cells of your body, increasing growth and repair, helping to fight and prevent diseases and bringing energy and vitality to your body and life.

Slow effort brings serenity to the body cells, relaxes facial muscles and releases all the tension from the organs of perception, the eyes ears nose tongue and skin. When this happens, the brain, which is in constant communication with the organs of action, becomes void and all thoughts are stilled, thus you will be able to Truly relax and heal.

When this ability is practiced and developed daily activities can be performed with efficiency and ecomony. Your mind free of stress and is filled with calm and tranquillity.

During relaxation the senses are drawn in wards away from the external stresses and thoughts and the entire being becomes calm and steady and all the negative effects of stress are reduced. The mind body and soul become tranquil.

Yoga is much more than physical exercise although it provides physical benefits. It is science of balanced living, a path for realising full human potential. The body realizes a deep sense of wellbeing leading to being “INSPIRED IN LIFE “.

Try it now Close your eyes and take 5 slow deep breaths

Notice how in that short time you already start to fill more relaxed. With practice this feeling becomes a natural habit.