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Therapeutic Yoga

The Aylesford Priory

Duck Pond at the Priory

Wow, what a year 2011 has been so far.  It’s been absolutely great. Our Yoga Retreat in June was a great success.  It is so exciting to see how the groups get on so well. I had more newcomers this time and one lady that had never ever tried Yoga before coming on the Retreat.  She enjoyed it so much that afterwards she booked in for ALL my Yoga mornings and the September Retreat.  I love the Retreats myself. I get to not only teach Yoga but also use my hypnotic skill to really relax people and help them make changes that will last long after they have left the retreat.

In July I went on an intensive 8 day training course with a top Therapeutic Yoga teacher from Canada, Susi Hately. It was amazing. It really changed my way of looking at Yoga, movement and life.  We all push so hard in life, feel like everything is such a battle when it really does not have to be like that.  Teaching therapeutically means improving function, insuring the body is working as it should work. Often if we are trying to push into postures, we set up compensation and dysfunction in the body, causing more stress which can lead to pain.

By learning to move purely and slowly the tension unfolds and the body moves with ease and vitality.  It’s truly amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Approaching the Priory

Approaching the Priory

My body and practice has never felt so good.  So now I am offering 1-2-1 session in Therapeutic Yoga to help people get out of pain, release tension and stress, move more effortlessly and to improve Yoga and all sports and movement.  Please email me for more information

Shortly we start the September Retreat “Pure Yoga, Pure Bliss” for which I can hardly wait.  A mixture of Therapeutic Yoga, meditation, relaxation using the Hypnosis and NLP to achieve deep and true BLISS.

If you want any more information on anything that I offer , please visit the website or contact me and I would be very happy to talk over your particular circumstances and how I might be able to help you.

Love and peace

Jeni x x x x x