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Yoga Morning – September 2010

My theme for the morning was strong but flexible. I focused on the psoas muscle. A very important muscle that can affect our whole posture and lives. For Yoga postures to be safe there has to be stability. But the psoas muscle is also where we store lots of emotions so as we stretch and create release in the psoas we can release negative emotions that we no longer need.

It helps to ground us and give us confidence.

The Yoga mornings are great as it gives time for the students to really take time to explore their bodies and postures. My classes and days are not just about making shapes and not about how far one can get in a posture but time to go inside and really explore and learn. Postures are living experiences that we can really learn and gain insight from.

My classes and days are therefore open to every one and every ability as its about the individual and their own journey.

Freeing up the hips is liberating and energising.

We finished with a light lunch where we chatted over our different experiences of the morning.

If you are interested in joining my class or days please get in touch. Yoga is for everyone including you. x x