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Inspired In Life Workshop – August 2010

On Saturday 7th Aug 2010 I ran my first workshop.  It was an introduction to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom therapy).

Our behaviours are driven by our beliefs which are mostly unconscious and therefore most of the time we are not aware of limiting beliefs that are holding us back and stopping us from succeeding in many areas of our lives.  This can include careers, relationships, wealth, health, weight loss, stopping smoking and any other area were we would like to change. If we have underlying beliefs that we can’t or won’t succeed then we won’t.  Unless these beliefs can be identified and changed. On the workshop I taught technques to help identify limiting beliefs and ways to change them.  We also learned how to create the life we want. Whilst practicing this, the body also responds, it’s like meditation, the blood pressure lowers, heart rate lowers, immune and digestive systems increase and the mind becomes calm enabling a calm response to most situations rather then a knee jert reaction which may not be the best one.

The technques that are taught are but a few of the many that there are, but they can be practiced on all areas of life so all of life can get better and created rather than something that just happens.

I will be running more of these workshops so keep checking the website for new dates or if you would like to book a one-to-one session please contact me via the website

I have had a great holiday on which I studied and practiced many new techniques on myself and am now ready to share these with the world.
I am totally passionate about all that I teach and practice as I know from experience how much we can change our feelings, lifes and future for the better.
Have a look on the website for more information about the Retreat in September- a whole weekend of bliss, healing and tranquility.
Love and peace
Jeni x x x namaste