Chakra Meditations

I have been working hard on creating some more information for the website.

I am passionate about the mind and body link and believe that we can heal ourselves. Negative thoughts can create disturbances in the energy flow and breath which has a direct affect on the physical body as everything is linked. This can manifest in a number of ways and lead to pain, illness, anxiety and so on. So I am creating some meditations on the chakras and energy of the body. When we control and soothe the breath, it quietens the mind and nervous system. What we think we feel and create. So as you work through the meditations you will be re-patterning the mind in positive thinking, slower breathing and wellbeing.

I am soon to launch these so watch out and enjoy let me know what you think.
Namaste love and peace Jeni x x x


3 thoughts on “Chakra Meditations

  1. Hi – I am really interested in the meditations that you mention. Do you think it might be possible to have a link to a recording?


    Karen x

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