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Wellbeing Day – July 2010

The Wellbeing Day was a great success! Thank you to all the therapists and everyone who visited and joined in,  It was a great way for Therapists to demonstrate and provide an opportunity for visitors to have taster sessons and learn about the benefits of the different therapies available.

We will be running another day in the future so if you are a Therapist or are interested in coming along, email me and I will send you details as soon as I have them. If you attended and have any comments please let me know.

I am getting on well with the Chakra Meditations.  Meditation is a powerful way to re-pattern your thinking.  Where your awareness is, your energy follows and your body responds. I am passionate about this as it is a way of changing everything, habits, health, wellbeing and even your genes. By meditating you are able to control your awareness so much more. With hypnosis the re-patterning goes straight into the unconscious mind forming new habits, thoughts and responses in the body immediately. This is so powerful and can be used in every area of your life.  That which we practice we get better at until it becomes an unconscious habit.  So whether you use meditation or hypnosis – that which you focus on you get. So use my Chakra Meditations to open up your energy centres. Come and join me on my Inspired in life workshop to learn how the mind works, how to use hypnosis and NLP to re pattern the mind and EFT to change the engery in the body to let go of any negative thoughts and energy.
Or book an appiontment for a one-to-one session to make the most of your life now.


Chakra Meditations

I have been working hard on creating some more information for the website.

I am passionate about the mind and body link and believe that we can heal ourselves. Negative thoughts can create disturbances in the energy flow and breath which has a direct affect on the physical body as everything is linked. This can manifest in a number of ways and lead to pain, illness, anxiety and so on. So I am creating some meditations on the chakras and energy of the body. When we control and soothe the breath, it quietens the mind and nervous system. What we think we feel and create. So as you work through the meditations you will be re-patterning the mind in positive thinking, slower breathing and wellbeing.

I am soon to launch these so watch out and enjoy let me know what you think.
Namaste love and peace Jeni x x x