Core Stability



Where do I start?

Well what a journey I have been on in the past few years.  After noticing in my classes that people’s bodies were not moving as they should and I didn’t know why I decided to do some more training. (Nothing new there)  Thought I would learn some new exercises and that would be that, how wrong was I.

I decided to do therapeutic Yoga training, so looking at the body and noticing what it needed.

Was that body tight in the back or tired or wound up? I soon learned this training was amazing there is no protocol for a back back but a program totally unique for that body.  All sounds pretty straight forward expect that firstly I had to unlearn just thinking about oh that exercise uses that muscle because often what we think we are doing we are not.  Often the wrong muscles are doing the wrong jobs muscles that are meant to move the body start trying to stabilise instead and then they can’t do their job of moving the body. People then believe that old age or injury has made them stiff and want to stretch.  In my practice I set about get the right muscles to do the right job unwinding tension and pain, getting the body to function better.

Secondly i realised  it wasn’t all about what I do but more of how I am and how I feel. A big part of my training was awareness, mind study and reflection.  Wow nothing prepared me for the journey of looking into my beliefs, thoughts, actions, feelings which of course are all linked. It’s not always easy to look at yourself much easier to blame someone else or life.  I am very lucky because my hypnosis and Nlp training helped me through as I saw that I had adopted beliefs that at one point served me like wine helps numb emotional pain but then realised I may be numbing it but not changing it   I was able to change many many thought patterns and behaviours.

I continue to do so and now really feel how my life has changed so much for the positive.  The more I practice and change the more I can help support others to do the same.   Often we believe it’s hard to change, how can we feel or see something we never have before. What we do becomes so familiar.

I love to watch people change before my eyes as they start to feel how they never thought they could.

Recently I walked with a friend and she said “oh do you remember I had hip pain for years, it used to wake me up in the night. After some sessions with you it went and it’s never come back, it’s like I never had it”

we often think something’s wrong whether it’s in our body or mind often it’s just faulty programming that you can change. Before you learned to drive you didn’t know you could and now probably you can.  We can all learn new ways that will help us feel better.

Anything we do in life whether it’s drink wine, buy clothes, eat, we do so because we believe it will make us feel good.  With yoga and Nlp / hypnosis and meditation you can just learn to feel better because you can and want to.

What inteach is my life, my passion and I love it x X X

Happy New Year

Its nearly that time of year again, busy, stress, fun, eating, drinking, detox and new years resolutions.

Are you still fighting with habits that you have fought for a long time, eating too much, not sleeping, not enough confidence or energy to take you where you want to go or do what you want to do, stiff, aching, painful joints, back, hips or knees, old thought and habits looping time after time?


I have recently done more studying and have yet more tools in my box to help you change this.  I have also studied my own thoughts, habits and movement patterns and so they are all tried and tested.  Things that have been going around in my head and my body, which are of course connected, for years are now starting to change and I feel better and better.


I find it so amazing how the mind and body are so connected.  “The body is a refection of the mind”.  As we tense or worry in the mind the body responds in many ways, the body goes into flight, fight or freeze, when it is repeated so many times it becomes a habit.   We get locked into stress mode and so do our muscles, organs, nervous system, blood pressure etc.  Over time this causes chronic stress, and can lead to disease and much disharmony in the body, muscle and joints too.   Often this get put down to old age, but it does not always have to be like that.



My Yoga therapy will get your muscles and joints relaxed so that they can contract and relax so they get strong, your core will wake up so you gain stability but mobility and movement with ease and improved stamina.


RMT and Somatics

These movements and exercises that I integrate in my yoga will relax the fight, flight and freeze reflexes so that your nervous system, brain pattern messages to your muscles, emotions, senses, feelings are all relaxed and calmed so you feel more relaxed, calmer, yet able to think more clearly and more in control of your feelings and emotions.


Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation and relaxation.


Your habits are stored in your unconscious mind and run automatically, that’s why often you feel down, eat chocolate, drink, feel sluggish even though in your conscious mind ( your thinking mind) you want to stop.  That’s why often when you set a new years resolution you find it hard to stick to it, because habits are deep routed and take a lot of practice to change, except with hypnosis, NLP, havening, meditation and deep relaxation.  As you slip into a state of relaxation I am able to guide you to make changes to those habits in your unconscious mind so you can make quick and easy new habits that serve you better.

You can also create your future so that you reach your goals and fulfil your desires.





Personalised Sessions

The quickest ways to get results Is by 1:2:1 sessions in my fully equipped studio.   You can choose a blend of whatever feels right for you or I can guide you to whatever will help you get to where you want to be quickly.


Happiness and peace through mindfulness and meditation


Many of your habits become from your beliefs, a belief is a thought you continuously, some serve you and some don’t.  EG I am a happy relaxed person, I am fat and find it hard to lose weight.  These beliefs are often unconscious and were implanted in the unconscious mind at a young age.  This course allows you to be mindful and aware of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and habits and so your life.  From this awareness I will give you guidance, support and tools such as meditation, mantra, relaxation, hypnosis and NLP, that will help you to realise what needs to change, and then how to change it so you can feel more peace, happiness and be the real you as you strip back years worth of layers, tension, worry, and habits.  This course will change your life.



Retreats, Workshops, Yoga Mornings & Relaxation evenings


In these I blend my skills, knowledge and expertise to facilitate change on a physical, mental and emotional level.  You will strip back layers, relax very deeply, feel deep inner peace and calm like you never believed you could.

Retreats are a chance to get away from it all, be with like minded people, have fun, feel freedom and enjoy many classes and workshops to change your life.

Relaxation evening are what they say on the tin, very relaxing relieving stress, strain, worry and anxiety.  Because my relaxation uses hypnosis and nlp it changes your brain programming so that the change is very long lasting.

These are for all abilities.

Workshops of different themes from creating your future, letting go of the past, setting goals, and much more.



My classes are very different from “normal” yoga, working to help your body move to release tension, pain, stiffness, by moving in ways that unwind old patterns that create the pain and creating new ones that will improve core stability, stamina, strength, ease, and mobility.   Followed by a meditative relaxation to create inner calm, peace and confidence.


So whether you want to lose weight, sleep better, play with your grandkids with more ease, go to the gym with more vitality and less pain, gain more confidence, get over past trauma’s, get rid or bad memories, or just want to feel more confident, happy, relaxed, mobile, agile, balanced, vibrant and replenished join me and let’s have fun in the new year and create the life you want.

Therapeutic Yoga My Journey.




So I knew that I wanted to help people more. I watched as I taught my Yoga classes and could see that people were in pain, their bodies were not in alignment and no matter how much they tried to push their bodies into alignment it just didn’t work.  

I looked at many training courses and then I found what I was looking for and my great journey began.   I didn’t quite realise what a journey I was setting out on.  

I did my initial training and then decided to do the year Certification course which would take me to Canada 3 times in 1 year.  Could I do that with 2 children, and being a single parent? 

But I knew it was where my heart was, to me its not just a job its my life, my purpose. 

It has been one of the toughest things I have done and yet one of the best things I have done. 

I have worked through Yoga philosophy, reflecting each week on my life, my feelings, my habits, my fears, my dreams and so on, I have laughed, I have cried, I have been sooooo amazed. I am now not just reading the books but living it. 

I have learned so much about personalities, people, bodies, and life.

My body has changed, my thoughts and how I am in the world has changed. 

I have learned how to get people out of pain, how to look at someone and see what their body needs, whether that is stability at the hips, tension releasing from their shoulders, support from muscles that will allow the shoulders to release. 

But more than anything I have learned how to be me.  How I have default patterns that send me spinning, angry or happy, but how to be more with all of that and as a result more calm and more being able to just be me. 

Namate x x x 

Benefits of Yoga

Stress is experienced by every one from the moment of birth and continues throughout life. Stress can be caused by numerous things resulting in lots if problems in both our physical and spiritual bodies. Cumulative effects of stress can damage health and undermine emotional stability; stress can strangle the body affecting it in many different ways. It manifests itself in many ways and levels depending on how different people respond to it. Some people become irritable or angry others confused or turbulent emotions and physical ailments are directly connected.

The modern life brings with it the desire for worldly pleasures, but brings this with frustration and conflict with the mind and others. It triggers feeling of competiveness and envy and increased stress. To deal with this people may turn to artificial solutions to cope, substance abuse, eating disorders and destructive relationships are some try for consolation. But these provide only temporary distraction or oblivion, the root cause, unhappiness- stress remained unsolved.

Practicing yoga will help give you the ability to help relieve stress, relax your mind and find inner peace and happiness. The regular practice of asana will help to generate energy in the body stimulating cells and relaxing tensed muscles.
As stress and tension are released from your muscles, diaphragm and nervous system, practising Yoga asanas you will release it from the mind too.
As you learn to control the breath in pranyama the physical body becomes energised and revitalised as the breath sustains the physical body. The breath also affects the mind as the breath becomes slow and deep and calm so does the mind, bringing about tranquillity and serenity in your body mind and life.

You will notice enhanced vitality, reduced stress clearing of the emotional blockages from your heart, awaked joyfulness and enthusiasm for life, healthy belief system through a more flexible nervous system. While practising asana and relaxation in the five senses of perception that divert the mind to the external environment are drawn inward and your mind is stilled, your entire being becomes calm and steady. By relaxing the senses and by turning them inward, the mind can detach from worries and you will learn to respond in a calm and resolving way, rather than reacting in anger, frustration or fear to situations.

When your mind is calm and relaxed, the mind in a meditative state, senses are being controlled and external events cease to cause stress in your life and life becomes much more joyful and calm.

The steady pace and rhythm of breath relaxes the body and detaches the mind from the external world and it worries. This transfers into your daily, life and anger, envy and frustration turn into energy calm and harmony.

In a relaxed state the symptoms of stress such as headaches, fatigue or hypertension are relived. To reduce stress the, mind and body need to be treated together. The tension associated with stress is stored, mainly in the muscles, diaphragm and nervous system. During classes and relaxation these areas are relaxed your stress is reduced. During relaxation the breathing becomes slow, smooth and controlled. Deep relaxation can and will have a profound effect on your nervous system, circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. The heart rate is stabilized and lowers blood pressure, the breathing is slower and deeper allowing more oxygen consumption. This oxygen means more oxygen for the cells of your body, increasing growth and repair, helping to fight and prevent diseases and bringing energy and vitality to your body and life.

Slow effort brings serenity to the body cells, relaxes facial muscles and releases all the tension from the organs of perception, the eyes ears nose tongue and skin. When this happens, the brain, which is in constant communication with the organs of action, becomes void and all thoughts are stilled, thus you will be able to Truly relax and heal.

When this ability is practiced and developed daily activities can be performed with efficiency and ecomony. Your mind free of stress and is filled with calm and tranquillity.

During relaxation the senses are drawn in wards away from the external stresses and thoughts and the entire being becomes calm and steady and all the negative effects of stress are reduced. The mind body and soul become tranquil.

Yoga is much more than physical exercise although it provides physical benefits. It is science of balanced living, a path for realising full human potential. The body realizes a deep sense of wellbeing leading to being “INSPIRED IN LIFE “.

Try it now Close your eyes and take 5 slow deep breaths

Notice how in that short time you already start to fill more relaxed. With practice this feeling becomes a natural habit.

Therapeutic Yoga

The Aylesford Priory

Duck Pond at the Priory

Wow, what a year 2011 has been so far.  It’s been absolutely great. Our Yoga Retreat in June was a great success.  It is so exciting to see how the groups get on so well. I had more newcomers this time and one lady that had never ever tried Yoga before coming on the Retreat.  She enjoyed it so much that afterwards she booked in for ALL my Yoga mornings and the September Retreat.  I love the Retreats myself. I get to not only teach Yoga but also use my hypnotic skill to really relax people and help them make changes that will last long after they have left the retreat.

In July I went on an intensive 8 day training course with a top Therapeutic Yoga teacher from Canada, Susi Hately. It was amazing. It really changed my way of looking at Yoga, movement and life.  We all push so hard in life, feel like everything is such a battle when it really does not have to be like that.  Teaching therapeutically means improving function, insuring the body is working as it should work. Often if we are trying to push into postures, we set up compensation and dysfunction in the body, causing more stress which can lead to pain.

By learning to move purely and slowly the tension unfolds and the body moves with ease and vitality.  It’s truly amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Approaching the Priory

Approaching the Priory

My body and practice has never felt so good.  So now I am offering 1-2-1 session in Therapeutic Yoga to help people get out of pain, release tension and stress, move more effortlessly and to improve Yoga and all sports and movement.  Please email me for more information

Shortly we start the September Retreat “Pure Yoga, Pure Bliss” for which I can hardly wait.  A mixture of Therapeutic Yoga, meditation, relaxation using the Hypnosis and NLP to achieve deep and true BLISS.

If you want any more information on anything that I offer , please visit the website or contact me and I would be very happy to talk over your particular circumstances and how I might be able to help you.

Love and peace

Jeni x x x x x

Inspired in Life – April 2011

Well it’s been a while since I have written on my blog.  Inspired in Life has hosted lots since then.

I taught a Yoga day in February which was full and so is the next one in May.

I have just finished teaching my Inspired in Life 2 day workshop, including hypnosis, NLP and EFT.  That too was a great success and great fun as well as having great results for all who attended.

For all of my events I research and work hard, which I love because I learn so many more new techniques which I then love to share.

The 1-2-1 sessions are also now doing really well as is my 6week course Get Slim Now, I am seeing some really good results which is great.

I love my job and all that I do, I am about to go on an advanced Hypnosis course which I am really looking forward to a lot.  It will enable me to make change happen quicker.

If you have any questions please email me from the Inspired in Life website.

What ever you want to change in your life hypnosis and NLP can help.

Be the best you can be!!!!!!

I  leave you with a testimonial from my Inspired in Life workshop.

Inspired in Life Workshop 2/3 April 2011

“Goodness me, I thought I was OK and perhaps wouldn’t get a lot out of the weekend.  How wrong was I?  It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the whole group with lots of highs and lows, mostly a surprise to us all.  I have successfully bagged up my rubbish and today feel like a new women.  The weekend was very rewarding and social and without even realising it I have dealt with my issues successfully.  Thank you very much Jeni, you are indeed an inspiration.” M. Pease